Monday, August 17, 2009

Chillen in Concord, CA... IDK WHY!!!???

I like seriously dont know why we just sittin here in Concord, CA!!! We should leave.. ok im just complaining we about to leave now, but im saying like im mad bored so its about that time to roll out!!!! I went to tha mall with the homies while ago but..... ITS STILL BORING lol!!!

The Kid (Young Money Youngin) 
Lil Twist 


  1. First comment on the first post for NO fucking reason.

  2. Lil twist wassup its me Maeggyen if you so bored how bout you text me back, you know its me the one who used to text you how bout you do that if you bored, and im comin yall way and NIGGA YOU GOTTA BITCH SPRUNG, SPRUNGER THAN A SPRING ONA TRAMPOLINE.........LOL

  3. Sound like one of those chicks that pop out of nowhere with the "REMEMBER ME?" shit, juss cus you got signed.

  4. naw bitch it aint cuz of that hoe i got my own music goin damn a bitch cant like a nigga cuz his asz fine......its just sum for him to do. I am already mad cuz i got in a fight!!!!