Monday, August 17, 2009

Americas Most Wanted Tour!!!

Im on the Americas Most Wanted Tour with the rest of my family Young Money!! I work hard everyday to make it to the name/ title my label marks me as.. In the words of my Manager &Big Brother: Cortez Bryant & Drake "Twist you are a SUPERSTAR its a difference between a artist and a SUPERSTAR and Twist you are one of those SUPERSTARS at this label"... From my eyes i see what a SUPERSTAR is, and that involves Lil Wayne & Drake and if i keep going the route im going im gone be there soon!!!! I need all my soldiers to MARCH with ya boy!!!!

The Kid (Young Money Youngin)
Lil Twist 


  1. Just keep grindin brah.

    Watch Weezy & Drizzy in the ring, and learn the ropes before it's yo time to fight!! (Line lame as hell but you get it nigga)


  2. kewl..follow me too..check the blogg out...yu live in California???...where du yu live.???...just living

  3. Aye Twist I See you Doing your Thing..Thats Whats Up..I'm tryna Do a Mixtape with you i go by the Name of Dj 695 from Baltimore. If you down let me know hit me up on

  4. Lil Twist you the B.T.R.A nigga i still luvs ya though and i be at yall concerts but hell naw i aint goin where ya at cause i will faint like a bitch, thats how much i luv me some Lil Twist but yeah keep doin yo thang and be the next Weezy i luv you and Young Money and Cash Money.........LUVS YA

  5. Oh and follow me on you probably wont notice me since i have a pic of an old me or follow a page me n my friends made for the girls these for your girl fans and the ones who like u and the boys even though they aint girls or follow my cousin i luvs ya twizzler!!!!!

  6. hey lil twist i just wanted to say i luv ya song " lets chill" it one of my fav songz i wanted to tell ya when i got the chance to meet ya in phx but i was so nervous lol n thx fo taken a pic w me you was really nice n you killed it on stage when u performed "the leak" =) ... cant wait till ya drop ya mixtape...